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How You Can Buy Powerball Tickets Online

PowerBall is an extremely popular lottery game, featuring huge payouts and jackpot prize of anywhere from $140 to more than $300 Million! There are already 7 people who have won the PowerBall Jackpot in 2012. The lowest jackpot was $60 Million, with the highest being 337 Million USA dollars! This could easily be you, the only thing you need to do in order to have a shot at millions of dollars, is to purchase a PowerBall ticket online.

Powerball lotteryWhile the lottery was initially created for USA residents and tickets can be purchased in local stores there, now it's possible to buy a PowerBall ticket online! This means that it doesn't matter whether you live in the USA or in Australia, you can play PowerBall lotto anywhere in the world! 

Purchase and participation in PowerBall is possible due to an exclusive service offered by RedFoxLotto. This is a company with hundreds of agents around the world and with their help, you can purchase any lottery you desire.

There are 4 easy steps to be made before you receive your lottery ticket:

  1. Choose the lottery you want to participate in – PowerBall in this case - after clicking on the banner on our site or simply click here
  2. One of RedFoxLotto' many local agents will purchase a ticket on your behalf
  3. The ticket will then be visible in your account
  4. After the draw is done and in case you've won, information on how to collect your winnings will be sent to you in another email.
  5. Actually all winnings under €2500 will go into your customer account, and for higher prizes, RedFoxLotto will help you get your check. No extra charges for that service!

This is an exclusive service, used by thousands of people worldwide. If you are thinking about what would happen in case you win a jackpot - stop worrying. Not only is this company 100% reputable and legitimate, but the ticket also features your name on it, so there's no room for error or fraud.

The PowerBall lottery is not the only one available for purchase via this service – you can also buy Euromillions tickets, as well as participate in El Gordo lottery and Superenalotto and play a number of other international lotteries. So in the end, it doesn't matter where in the world you reside, you'll be able to participate in foreign lotteries as much as you want, when you want it.

Prize Draws

The prize draws are done two times a week – every Wednesday and Saturday night, at 10:59 P.M Eastern Time. Tickets can be purchased until the last hour of the draw, meaning sale is closed 59 minutes before the start. For your online ticket purchase, allow a buffer of at least 2 hours in order to give RedFoxLotto enough time to process your Powerball ticket order.
The winners and lucky numbers are determined by drawing 5 white balls of a drum, which features a total of 59 balls. There's also a new addition – one red ball, which is drawn from a different drum consisting of 35 red balls.

Ways to win

There are 9 different ways to win when you are playing PowerBall Lottery. The main prize, the big jackpot, will be won if your lottery ticket matches all 5 white ball numbers and the red ball, which is also known as The PowerBall. In the case of winning a jackpot, you can either choose a lump sum amount of money paid out immediately, or get the full jackpot paid annually, over 29 years. While this seems like a long time, we are sure that you'll be more than ok with receiving around $10 million annually! 

The odds of winning any prize while playing the PowerBall Lottery are approximately 1 in 32. You can win a prize in the following ways:

  • 5 White Balls + The PowerBall  will win the Jackpot
  • 5 White Balls will win $1 Million
  • 4 White Balls + The PowerBall will win $10,000
  • 4 White Balls will win $100
  • 3 White Balls + The PowerBall will win $100
  • 3 White Balls will win $7
  • 2 White Balls + The PowerBall will win $7
  • 1 White Ball + The PowerBall will win $7
  • The PowerBall alone will win $4

There's also an extra feature added: if you select the PowerPlay feature, you are able to increase the original prize amount. If your ticket features the 5+0 winning combination, your prize will be $2 Million, instead of $1 Million. The PowerPlay feature must be selected when you purchase your ticket.

Where can I play?

PowerBall is America's favourite lottery game and can be played from 42 states across the whole country. It's also played in Washington D.C.  and the US Virgin Islands. There are 8 states which do not allow their residents to participate in this lottery - Nevada, California, Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming, Alabama, Hawaii and Alaska. 

However, as said in the beginning of this article, it's also possible to play PowerBall outside the US and as a non-US resident, or from a US state where you can't buy them at a store. RedFoxLotto makes it possible for anyone. Get your PowerBall lotto ticket online now!